Mistra Urban Futures involves co-creation of knowledge for sustainable urban development, with the aim of moving towards fair, green and accessible cities.
The objective is to contribute towards making a real difference to the environment and to people’s lives in the world’s cities. Practitioners and researchers work closely together to produce excellent and relevant knowledge. The centre offers an arena for development and engagement as well as for dissemination of knowledge, with developing cooperation with business, interest groups and the general public.
Mistra Urban Futures brings together actors from research and practice to work on co-creating and co-producing knowledge. This sharing of knowledge, understanding and expertise from both fields is needed to create sustainable futures.


Mistra Urban Futures: multiple researchers are involved from the various consortium partners, depending on the objectives of specific projects


Mistra – the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research, Sida – the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency and a consortium of seven main partners that also have the role of founder and funder of the consortium. These are Chalmers University of Technology (also host), University and City of Gothenburg, Region and County Administrative Board of Västra Götaland, Gothenburg Region Association of Local Authorities and IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute.

Project timeframe

The research programme was established in 2010 and ongoing for a maximum of ten years, until 2019

Project Location

Gothenburg, SWEDEN


Jan Riise jan.riise[at]chalmers.se

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