The project “EnAHRgie” is designed to develop methodologies, tools and guidelines to enable municipalities, local economies and civil society groups to launch a transition to a sustainable energy system.
The focus of the project is on the transition of energy production from major companies to more local production. The challenge is to include local people in order to develop the most robust, efficient, and sustainable solution while minimising impacts on the local population, economics, nature, and landscape.
EnAHRgie has a permanent group consisting of the main partners, who represent different stakeholder groups, and contacts of the inner group’s members. This allows cooperation between scientists and practitioners who work for administrative bodies, regional politicians and regional energy suppliers.


EA European Academy of Technology and Innovation Assessment GmbH: three senior researchers, two junior researchers and two community contacts; 19 researchers and 13 local partners participated in the research on a regular basi


Scientific research institutions, local business associations, local financial institutions, local organisations and associations from civil society, local municipalities and cities and energy providers

Project timeframe

March 2015 until February 2019

Project Location

Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler, GERMANY

André Schaffrin andre.schaffrin[at]