MedtecHTA aims to improve the existing methodological framework within the paradigm of Health Technology Assessment (HTA) for the assessment of medical devices (MDs), and to develop this framework into a tool that provides structured, evidence-based input into health policies. Medical devices are different from drugs but are currently assessed using the same methods. This poses risks for decision-makers and they may generate biased recommendations that prevent patients from accessing cost-effective procedures.
The research team has involved several stakeholders at various stages in the research. The continuous and open exchange of views and perspectives has greatly helped to improve the project and, more importantly, to make its findings relevant and useful for society as a whole.


Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi: one director, one deputy director, one scientific advisor, one product manager in addition to five Bocconi researchers and several researchers from the partners’ institutions


Six European academic partners involved in Health Economics, HTA and Medical Informatics

Project timeframe

The project started January 2013 and ended December 2015

Project Location

Milan, ITALY