Chagas Disease is a neglected tropical disease that silently kills thousands each year. In total there are about 6-7 million people living with the parasite. The disease can lead to enlarged ventricles in the heart, eventually resulting in heart failure.
¡Pasa la Voz! aims to break the cycle of negligence caused by the fact that Chagas Disease can lie dormant for decades. The objective is to promote access to diagnosis and treatment for patients with Chagas disease and to stimulate innovation and encourage global efforts to develop new tools to fight the disease.
This project incorporates key stakeholders from the beginning up to the evaluation stage, ensuring their participation in working groups and encouraging them to make an active contribution with the aim of improving access to diagnosis and treatment.


Global Chagas Disease Coalition and ISGLOBAL: Five researchers, three field coordinators and one communication manager


International Health Service “Clínic” Hospital in Barcelona and several Bolivian associations in Barcelona

Project timeframe

This project started in November 2015 and will finish by November 2016

Project Location

Barcelona, SPAIN

Maria Jesus Pinazo mariajesus.pinazo[at]

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