In Germany and other European countries only a small number of women work in technical professions. Serena is a Serious Game for Girls (13-15 years) about Renewable Energy Technologies. The game can be used as a tool by teachers, parents or other initiatives focusing on promoting interest in technical vocational training among girls. The project has both scientific and applied significance because it combines a design-based research approach to develop a serious game that aims to address the under-representation of female adolescents in technology through improving their confidence in mastering technical tasks.
In addition to the interaction with girls, partnering schools and gender experts, citizens in society are involved in the game’s development.


Bonn Science Shop, Technische Universität Dresden and Game Studio the Good Evil: five researchers, two professors and two game designers


Realschule Neuss-Holzheim and Oberschule Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Heidenau, female gaming community

Project timeframe

The research projected has started January 2015 and will end May 2017

Project Location

Bonn, Dresden, Köln, GERMANY