Knowing about one’s own day-to-day health appears to be very challenging, because the body often seems like a black box. This research involves the development of cloud-based platforms for wearable and affordable devices that can be used at home by patients at a very low cost.
IncluSens aims to create novel technological platforms for healthcare that are accessible on a mass scale. At the social level, this project aims to provide tools for home-based healthcare that are simple to operate, easy to access and highly affordable. People will therefore benefit from better and affordable control of their health and improved quality of life. Society will also benefit from effective tools that can help to redefine healthcare by leveraging progress in communication tools and channels.


Nanosensors Research Group, Universitat Rovira I Virgili: four senior researchers


International academic partners, local private organisations and the Hospital St. Joan de Déu in Barcelona

Project timeframe

Started in September 2011 and expected to finish by September 2017

Project Location

Tarragona, SPAIN

Francisco Javier Andrade: franciscojavier.andrade[at]
Pascal Blondeau: pascal.blondeau[at]